Block Print technique on cotton and dyeing 100% natural.
This method uses water, wood, earth, indigo flowers, air, sun and of course the hand of man.

Water to wash, rinse, receive the dye.

Wood, blocks of wood are carved into patterns to give print blocks, which will be used to make patterns.

The earth, a paste of clay at the consistency of a painting will be used with the print blocks to make the patterns on the fabrics.

The indigo flowers are dried, powdered and then macerated in a secret mixture of lemon juice and water, producing a yellow-green juice that is stored in wells 6m deep.

Air to oxidize indigo. After being bathed in the indigo macerate and wrung out, the fabric is put in the air for the oxidation to change from green to blue.

The sun for the heat that will dry the tissues.

The steps of making Indigo scarves:

1- reception of cotton from southern India.

2- cut in strips of 2m40 long

3- washing

4- drying

5- 1st print block print with clay

6- drying

7- 1st bath in the indigo bowl, spinning

8- drying

9- 2nd impression block print with clay

10- drying

11- 2nd indigo bath, spinning

12- drying

13- 3rd indigo bath, spinning

14- drying

15- washing to remove clay

16- drying