Hammered silver base adjustable.
7 pearls set with silver thread.

What does the word "chakra" mean?
Chakra simply means wheel or disk in Sanskrit (sacred language of India). They are vortices of swirling energy and thus form the main organs of our energetic body.

Where are the chakras placed?
There are dozens of chakras but the main chakras are seven in number.
They are inside the human body. They follow a line from the bottom of the spine to the top of the skull.

What are they for ?
They convey a subtle energy: we are like a plant whose sap rises from point to point. If one of these points is closed, it is the disorder in us. By working on the chakras you will wake up a circulation of energies that will have a beneficial action on the physical, moral and spiritual.

1- The Root Chakra - Muladhara
Situation: Base of the spine (coccyx)
Stone: Pyrite
Function: This is the tracking force. It helps to fight, it gives the strength to impose itself, it provides security and well-being.

2- The sacred chakra -Svadhisthana
Situation: below the navel
Stone: Carnelian
Function: Stimulates physical, artistic and sexual creativity. Apart from its primary function of procreation, the sacred chakra promotes creativity whatever it may be: music, painting, writing, etc ...

3- The solar plexus chakra - Manipura
Situation: Solar plexus, abdomen
Stone: Smoked Quartz
Function: It is the center of all energies.
You become strong, healthy and able to achieve the things you care about.

4- The chakra of the heart - Anahata
Location: center of the chest
Stone: Rose Quartz
Function: Love, the one you can receive and the one you can give.

5- The chakra of the throat - Vishuddha
Location: base of the throat and extends to the ears
Pierre: Chrysoprase
Function: Communication with others (talk but also listen), promotes clear hearing.

6- Third Eye Chakra - Ajna
Situation: Between the eyebrows
Stone: Jasper
Function: Intuition, promotes attention.

7- The crown chakra - Sahasrara
Location: Head Peak
Pierre: Nacre, pearl of culture
Function: Cosmic Consciousness

Each ring is unique.