Ethiopian cross in silver metal.
Height between 37cm and 40cm
Width between 20cm and 23cm
Old beads of metal, bone and glass.
Subjects in brass or copper stamped and embellished with fine stones.
Opal medallion with an image of an eye of St. Mary


Every cross, every pearl, every brass subject has been chosen for its beauty and clean energy.
The assortments of each cross are unique and have all been chosen by us.
Each cross is unique.

We brought Coptic procession crosses from Ethiopia.
The history of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church begins in the middle of the fourth century AD. She is one of the first Christian churches on the African continent.

We have been collecting pearls from Europe, Africa and India for years.
We select stamped metal subjects in one of the oldest factory in Paris. These subjects are taken to Jaipur to be raised with fine stones that we choose on the spot.

Each cross is unique and composed around an opal medallion