Hammered brass vase.
Height 17cm
Diameter 8cm
2 cabochons set.


Each stone has been chosen for its beauty and clean energy.
The assortment of stones have all been chosen by us.
Each vase is unique.

The vases are hand hammered brass. The workshop is located in a village 5 hours drive east of Delhi.
The vases are then sent to Jaipur in our jewelery workshops.

We go to Jaipur to select each stone one by one and make the compositions of 2 or 3 stones per vase.
Our jewelery craftsmen will polish the stones, crimp them on the body of the vase with a brass hammered collar adjusted for each stone.
The completed vase is polished and varnished to protect it from oxidation.

A few weeks later, we return to Jaipur, once production is complete, to check the quality of each vase.

Each vase is unique by the stones chosen and by the hand of the man who shaped it.
Small marks or irregularities are among the elements that make it unique and valuable.