58cm x 44cm x 19cm
Front of bag: old weaving.
Leather and military canvas.
1 large leather pocket on the back of the bag
1 inside zipped pocket.


Some bags are made from old carpets (between 20 and 70 years of age).

These carpets come from Turkish provinces (Anatolia, Ankara, Konya or Kayseri), Armenia, Azerbaijan or Russia.
We chose each carpet from passionate collectors met mainly in Istanbul.
Once purchased, the carpet is marked with chalk following the pattern of the patronage of the bag and cut with a cutter to be then glued on a light and solid canvas that will stabilize it.
He then receives a patch of fabrics from the lining of old blouses from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan or Georgia.
The interest of taking lining fabrics is that, protected from the sun, their colors have remained intact. In these liners, the fabrics have often been sewn together to form mats or pockets.
The intricate intertwining of colored threads mixed with printed cotton gives a real extra soul.

Other bags are made from lighter fabrics in shades of Indigo.

These fabrics come from one of province of Venice in Italy where a family works in a printing and dyeing workshop on Denim (jeans). Indigos also come from Turkey, Mali and France. Each front of bag is composed in patchwork mixing these fabrics of multiple provenances and to the different techniques of weaving and printing.

For each bag, a bag jewelry is hung on one of the handles.

It is a leather lace on which are threaded old African pearls (bone, glass, semi precious stone), India coins, round leather, pendants from Africa or the Middle East. Each gray gray is unique and different from others.

Each bag is unique