where they find all fabrics?

A long-time love story.

Arkeology will look for materials in the world (leather, weaving, metal, stones), vestiges of the past that have gone through the years bearing the scars of time and the culture of the men who shaped them.

The carpets and rugs that ArkeologY finds in Turkey and the Middle East are dated between 20 and 70 years old.

We see as precious the wear of time, the sun's burns, the accidents of life which have ruined, frightened, pierced and marked them.
Some mend them to give them a supplement of life, so that these precious weavings can be transmitted again and again from generation to generation, so that they make the link between generations and cultures.

Everything becomes unique with time.
It is the great coach who will keep only beautiful objects since men will only keep and transmit what is beautiful in their eyes.

From these found carpets, will come bags and unique bags of travel.